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    Equip China, Advance towards the World

       Goals: better standardized management, more reasonable industry layout, more innovation achievements, more intensified ways of development, stronger profitability, stronger endurable sustainable power.

      Missions: We aim to become the engine of Chongqing industrial development and an important growth pole of economic development of this city. We aim to become an industrial group with strongest control force, influence, radiant force and impetus in national equipment manufacturing industry. We aim to become an international equipment manufacturing enterprise with lasting global competitiveness.

        Working with commitment is the basic professional ethic, also a positive attitude to life.
        Innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for our sustainable development, also the source of the lasting enterprise’s basis.
        Openness is not only a kind of awareness but an attitude as well.
        Speeding up is not only the call in the economic globalization era, but also the enterprise’s pursuit for the first place.

         Being scientific and standardized is the ground rule for a listed company to manage itself in accordance with the law. MACHINERY & ELECTRIC CO. LTD. is a modernized, international completely marketized public company. We need manage and operate it scientifically with standards to make it develop stably, farther and more gracefully.

        Pulling together is the essential guarantee to achieve our strategic goals. MACHINERY & ELECTRIC CO. LTD. shows as a whole, with common ideals and strategic goals. We must hang together so as to produce coherent effects to form a powerful force to reach the glory the other shore.

       Hearty Service is the necessary demand to promote work and solve problems. The affiliated enterprises are the foundation of “CHONGQING MACHINERY & ELECTRIC”, who must try best to solve problems in progress to grasp opportunities and get its limitless benefits.

       Highly efficient operation is an important guarantee to create an everlasting enterprise. MACHINERY & ELECTRIC CO., LTD. is in an era of rapid development. It needs high speed, high efficiency and high quality of operation to show its competitive advantages, improve core competence and achieve the goals of substantial development.

       For the enterprise and its staff, good performance is the common pursuit of development. MACHINERY & ELECTRIC CO. LTD. is a gathering of advantage enterprises and outstanding talents. Only if it creates a classic performance will it play a guiding and exemplary role and become the blue chip with the favor of investors.

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