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    Equip China, Advance towards the World

    I.The Corporate Administration Structure
    1. Shareholders' General Committee

    The initial promoters of CQME are Chongqing Machinery & Electronic Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (or “CQMEG” hereinafter), Chongqing Yufu Assets Management Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jiangong Group Co., Ltd. and China Huarong Assets Management Corporation. The Shareholders' General Committee is composed of all shareholders.

    2. Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors is composed of eleven members, with one chairman, four executive directors, three independent non-executive directors, four non-executive directors and one secretary of the Board.  Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Nomination Committee have been set up.

    3. Board of Supervisors
    The Board of Supervisors  is composed of six members, with one chairman, two representatives of the staff, two independent supervisors and one representative of the shareholders.

    4. Senior Management
    The senior management includes one general manager, three deputy general managers, one chief financial officer, one secretary and one qualified accountant.

    II. Organizational Structure of CQME
    CQME has seven departments and three offices: Human Resources Dept, Planning & Development Dept., Risk-Control Dept., Capital Operation Dept., Business Management Dept., Finance Dept., Auditing Dept., Affair Office,Office of the Board of Directors, and Office of the Board of Supervisors.

    CQME is the largest manufacturer of comprehensive equipments in western China, holding 47 subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries in total. Its business is mainly divided into 4 parts: commercial vehicle parts & components business, power equipments business, general machinery business, and CNC machine tools business.

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