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    The First EGM of CQME for 2013

    發布時間: 2013-04-16    瀏覽次數:3499

     The first EGM of Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. for 2013 was successfully held at the Report Hall, 2/F, Jidian Building on Wednesday, 10 April 2012 at 10:00. The meeting was convened by the Board of Directors of CQME. Mr. Yu Gang, Executive Director and General Manager presided over the meeting and took the chair. There are 5 shareholders and the authorized representatives of the shareholders, whose registered holding stock is 2,882,377,416 shares, which account for 78.2268% of the voting stock of CQME, attended the meeting. The procedure of the meeting was in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    Under the supervision of inspectors of the Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited, and being witnessed by the lawyer of Beijing Grandway Law Offices, the meeting passed all the resolutions. There are 5 resolutions which related to the connected transaction of the financial company were passed at more than 77% approval rate under the situation that the major shareholder--CQME Group avoided voting. The change of 2 directors and 2 supervisors, and the amendments to the Articles of Association were passed at more than 99% approval rate.

    In addition to the shareholders, the directors, supervisors and senior management of CQME attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.


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