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    Equip China,Advance towards the World

    CQME held a symposium on the operation of Financial Company

    發布時間: 2013-04-23    瀏覽次數:4735

    On 11 April 2013, Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. convened a symposium on the operation of Chongqing Machinery and Electronics Holding Group Finance Company Limited. Mr. Yu Gang, the executive director and GM of CQME presided over the symposium. Mr. Chen Xianzheng, the executive director and secretary of the Board; Mr. Chen Yu, deputy financial controller; chairmen and CFOs of all subsidiaries; all the senior management and department chiefs of the financial company attended the symposium.

    Mr. Chen Yongqiang, GM of the financial company reported the preliminary work progress of financial company, and presented the key work arrangement of this year. Mr. Yang Yichuan, the CFO of financial company respectively introduced 10 items of business, which within the limits permitted by China Banking Regulatory Commission.

    The symposium discussed several widely concerned questions, such as capital accumulation, billing services management, financing, credit guarantee business and so on.

    Mr. Yu Gang, GM of the CQME, pointed out the establishment of financial company will be of benefit to promote capital scale of CQME as well as CQME parent group, provide vigorous financial support to realize our grand vision -- Equip China, Advance Towards the World. CQME and CQME parent group pin high hopes on financial company, also hope that financial company could rely on the strength of shareholders, do solid work, make innovations, improve capital efficiency, correct attitude, enhance service consciousness, pay attention to the heritage of enterprise culture, improve work constantly, be sure to guarantee the membersroutine production and credit requirement.

    Mr. Yu emphasized that all subsidiaries must adopt an overall point of view and plan the wok with an eye to the interests of CQME and CQME parent group, support financial company. Especially, in terms of the capital accumulation, all subsidiaries should make weekly and monthly capital plan earnestly, accelerate cleaning up account as early as possible, and realize the capital accumulation up to 50%. The financial company should propose solution as soon as possible according to the practical problems raised by subsidiaries, and accomplish credit extension of all the member enterprises at the end of May.

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